At the moment, I am a Philadelphia-based multidisciplinary artist. I am currently receiving my MFA in Painting at Temple University's Tyler School of Art & Architecture.

Within my multidisciplinary practice, a raw material’s history is often the starting point to investigate the nature-culture dichotomy as it relates to collective notions of ‘borderlands’. I use this term to imply both physical spaces as well as the intangible space between disciplines, or between people in a conversation. While maintaining my artistic practice, I am also invested in interdisciplinary projects that focus on community-building through the physical act of sharing time and space.

Anything that crosses disciplinary lines is predicated on listening, sharing and forming empathetic knowledge. Whether this is manifested in material exploration (ie: how does one material react to another) or within a conversation, it is a process that allows for connections between seemingly unlike things to be formed. In all parts of my practice, I work to create or unearth these connections.